The patented Beersaver technology is available in the United States exclusively through Beer Saver USA. This unique and innovative technology has created a revolution in pubs throughout the United Kingdom. The technology electronically kills microbes in tap lines which all but eliminates chemical cleaning. In most cases it eliminates the need for chemical cleaning by 75% or more. Cleaner lines means cleaner, fresher beer which is a huge factor in improved customer satisfaction and of course decreasing chemical use helps save time, arduous labor, money and the local environment.

Operational savings, improved beer quality and a positive green impact are some of the reasons that your business should join the Beersaver green revolution.

The patented Beersaver has been independently tested by Professor David Quain at the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. To date Beer Saver USA has not found another chemical or non chemical system that has been able to produce results close to that of the Beersaver technology.

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An independent report on the application of BeerSaver technology in the assurance of beer hygiene in the on-trade


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